I lost my wife to cancer. A month after she died, I learned from University of California that her suffering, degradation and early death were unnecessary. The following videos explain why these were unnecessary. Her early death was the result of modern living where we avoid the many benefits of our sun. She was 60.

Cholesterol is the bio marker of heart disease. The bio marker of healthy living is your blood level of 25(OH)D which measures your blood level of Vitamin D. At present, the medical profession is not using this bio marker and is unaware of its importance for healthy living. It will be 20-30 years before the medical profession absorbs the science as it took them to understand cholesterol. I am NOT waiting.

The most significant action that we can take as a nation is to get everybody's blood level of vitamin D above 100 ng/ml and below 200 ng/ml which is the healthy range as science indicates in the videos below. Genes and our body will function in Healthy Manner rather than a starved and sickly manner. Circulating Vitamin D greatly affects over 2,000 genes. Circulating Vitamin D up-regulates or down-regulates our genetic activity. VitaminD can down-regulate to the point of switching off genes.

Cancer affects older people more than younger people. Cancer increases with Old Age. This fact is easily understood and prevented by understanding three reasons. First is your ability to make vitamin D in your skin decreases by 75-80% as we age. Second is the old peoples' propensity to stay indoor when they can make vitamin D in their skin which is when the sun is 45˚ from the vertical. Third reason is that cancer requires more time to develop and kill. To prevent and cure nearly all cancers, you need to ingest vitamin D pills. Cancers are 45 times more likely in people around 70 than in people around 30.

Most instances of the diseases listed to the left can be prevented or long-delayed. Many people have Vitamin D blood levels around 20ng/ml which is VERY unhealthy and puts them a great risk of cancer. Kids are indoors which them deficienct in vitamin D and prone to autism and childhood cancers.

Modern medicine says that 40-60ng/ml is the healthy range because they are using the studies done on primitive people who wear few clothes and spend most of the day in sunshine. We know more than primitive people as shown by Dr Garland et al.

These healthy levels will require taking vitamin D pills of 10,000 to 50,000 IU most day for most adults. Discussions of these 'Healthy Levels' are given below. These pills are dirt-cheap at about $.35 per day. A great source for these pills is given below. This company voluntarily submits its pills to the FDA so that we can be confident of contents of their bottles.,000-iu-v-caps/

The first 3 NUMBERED will take about 30 minutes and will educate your quickly.Number 2 is my contrbiution to science. This science below is from many sources and presented by Dr Cedric Garland of UCSD. These videos are for people who have/had cancer or who want to avoid cancer. The science that you will see here are

1.DINOMIT which is newest scientific understanding of cancer growth, prevention and cure.

2. Click here to see why I think that 100ng/ml is the BOTTOM end of the healthy range for blood level of Vitamin D, especially important for people who have or had cancer and have spent much time indoors. You should aim for 150ng/ml to 200ng/ml if you have had cancer. The scientific charts in the above file are taken from the video below.

3. 15 minutes long video explains how Healthy Blood Levels of Vitamin D prevents/cures/stops cancer.

4.Dose-Response of Vitamin D and a Mechanism for Cancer Prevention (and cure - 1 hour) which led to my understanding that everybody's blood levels of Vitamin D should be above 100ng/ml. Pay particular attention to survival rates as blood level of Vitamin D increases. The video is about 40 minutes long.

Healthy levels of Vitamin D can shrink cancer tumors thru apoptosis. Healthy levels of Vitamin D will stop cancer tumors from growing. Then as normal biology replaces cells in our bodies, cancer tumors may gradually disappear as long as healthy blood levels of Vitamin D are maintained.

5. Vitamin D: Role in Preventing and Curing Cancer (1-hour) which is another video from the following year when I asked Professor/Dr. Cedric Garland some questions which were unanswered in his previous Dose-Response video. This video is about an hour long. You can see me asking questions (Andrew Davis) by moving the video position along the bottom to 40:00 minutes into the video, or watch the whole video. I was especially interested to ask him why they were NOT recommending 100 ng/ml to the Federal Government as the bottom end of the healthy range. Their standard recommendation is 40-60ng/ml which lets 1/2 of the people get cancer.

Shwoing that 104ng/ml will eliminate cancers

You either feed each cell with enough Vitamin D or suffer from modern illness. To see a partial list of modern illness, click here.

6. This is the video that began my education. (1-hour)


How much Vitamin D should you ingest?


My wife died of cancer in July 2007 after 19 months of treatment. So I read all that recommended reading that I requested from the doctors including a college text book used by a radiologist. She was resected (cut open and body tissues removed), radiated and poisoned with chemotherapy as she took each step. She finally said, "No more" to me.

It is my goal to get thru this life without doctors or lawyers. I am a member of Kaiser Permanente for the simple ailments. Lynne was a member of Blue Cross because she wanted to pick her own doctors and own treatment. Yet as she went thru her treatments, she dealt with doctors who she had never seen before or after her treatment. She did NOT pick them. She had no expertise in cancer treatment. So she acquiesced.

Lynne lived a clean life. But her deficiency in Vitamin D allowed disjunction of her cells which removed contact-inhibition between the cells and allowed too rapid reproduction of her cells which created genetic variations at a too rapid rate. Vitamin D deficiency greatly down-regulated apoptosis (cell suicide) of bad cells. Her most rapidly growing cells without the benefit of cellular correction is how she died. She did NOT experience metastasis or the other later stages of cancer discussed below in the DINOMIT model. This clinical discussion is for your benefit. I was empty except for grief for 6 months after her death.

One month after she died, I saw a program on cable's UCTV channel that revealed the above processes to me. I went to the web site ( and searched for Vitamin D to learn more. I have put the most relevant videos from that evidence-based scientific web site here for all interested persons. These videos are common sense and natural to this engineer. These web pages are NOT medical advice. My recommendations are dietary in nature.

I saw why doctors call themselves practitioner...they are practicing on us while making money from our conditions. It will be 10-20 years before healthy science becomes standard practice of our practitioners. You may hear much about their high-tech approaches which they love. Learning more and more about less and less. There is no money in your "worship" of the sun and ingesting Vitamin D which is the simple, natural, painless and healthy path.