How much vitamin D should you ingest?

Circulating Vitamin D greatly influences over 2,000 genes. Circulating Vitamin D up-regulates or down-regulates our genetic activity. Excessive down-regulation can switch off genes. Healthy Blood Levels of Vitamin D will let your genes function in Healthy Manner rather than a starved and sickly manner. The choice is yours.

Based on my experience, 200 IU of Vitamin D per pound on your body weight each day will be good starting point to get blood above 100ng/ml. Body weight is important because every cell your body has receptors for Vitamin D. That is how important Vitamin D is to your health. You either feed each cell with enough Vitamin D or suffer from modern illness. To see a partial list of modern illness, click here.

Start at the level for a few months. Then get tested and adjust your intake of Vitamin D to get within the Healthy Blood Range of 100ng/ml to 200ng/ml. Testing is important! Vitamin D is fat-soluble. It is not like Vitamin C where your body expels excess Vitamin D from your body thru urine each day. It is best to take Vitamin D EVERY DAY because that is what you body expects. Since Vitamin D will not be excreted , you can skip a day to two without any harm.

You also need to take calcium about 1,000 IU per day especially if you have cancer.

Vitamins are compounds that your body cannot make. Yet we make it in our skin. Vitamin D is more like insulin which your body makes. But it was discovered when not much was known and the name has stuck. Vitamin D is NOT an anti-oxidant which means high doses cannot attack your DNA such as Vitamin C and E. Every cell in your body has receptors for Vitamin D. So lots of Hormone D must be VERY important for healthy living.

showing that most cancers can be prevented/cure by blood levels aboe 104ng/ml

I buy my Vitamin D from link below which submits their vitamins to the FDA so that we can be certain of the content of their pills.

Toxicity is not a concern until you blood level of Vitamin D reaches above 250ng/ml. It is hard to get to 250ng/ml. You can see medical discussion of toxicity at web site when you view the discussion with Dr. Robert P. Heaney. Toxicity is mild and easily reversible and much less severe than modern diseases. Simply stop ingesting Vitamin D until you blood level falls to your desired level. White people who sunbathe make 15,000-20,00 IU of Vitamin D in about 15 minutes, or about 100,000 units in an hour. Black people need to spend 10 times longer in the sun than white people.

My blood level is about 200ng/ml and my Mother's blood level is about 170ng/ml. Doctor sometimes use nMole/Liter rather than ng/ml. If you doctor uses those units, you need to multiply by .4 to convert to ng/ml.

Make your own calculation. The amount of Vitamin D that you get will be much higher than the US government recommends or that doctors recommend. But that is where science is pointing us. Doctors and government may get there in 10 - 20 years. I am NOT waiting for the government or doctors to understand and respond to the science.

The Grass Roots web site has a nationwide, 5-year study on vitamin D and your health. If you can pay $60 every six months, then you can join this study at

Join this 5-year study and give them more data at 100ng/ml so that they can make a recommendation.

The best time to test your blood level of Vitamin D is September (at the end of summer) and March (at the end of winter). Initially, you should test your blood level more frequently until you determine how much to ingest to get to the level that you want. I wondered why we get flus in the winter until I learned in the videos at UCTV that Vitamin D also is needed to kill viruses and bacteria and blood level of Vitamin D is lowest in the winter.

Some people cannot raise their circulating of vitamin D [25(OH)D] no matter how much they ingest. If this is your situation, see this link.