Vitamin D, dementia and Alzheimer disease

A scientific study was released on dementia/alzheimer and vitamin D in June of 2014. The objective of the study was to determine whether low vitamin D concentrations are associated with an increased risk of dementia and Alzheimer disease. The answer was YES. One thousand six hundred fifty-eight people were studied in 1992-1993. All-cause dementia and Alzheimer disease were evaluated in 1998-1999 by neurologist and psychiatrists for the 171 people who showed dementia which about 10%. As vitamin D levels fell, dementia and Alzheimer disease increased. A chart of these casse is plotted below on my Healthy Blood Level chart. The report is called Vitamin D and the risk of dementia and Alzheimer disease.

The vertical GREEN lines in the chart below are from the study. The RED line is my projection of the vitamin D level which may be needed to eliminate dementia/alzheimer. Note that my projection of 37ng/ml is LOWER than my defintion of Healthy Blood Level of Vitamin D. So if your raise you blood level to the Healthy Range, there may be a reasonable chance that you will never experience dementia/alzheimer.

Association is NOT causation. But circulating Vitamin D greatly affects over 2,000 genes. Circulating Vitamin D up-regulates or down-regulates our genetic activity. Vitamin D can down-regulate to the point of switching off genes. Healthy Blood Levels of Vitamin D will let our genes function in Healthy Manner rather than a starved and sickly manner. This is especially important to older people since their ability to make Vitamin D from the sun is decreased by 80% and they spend increasing time indoors. We evolved to live in the sun.

It is NOT surprising that older people had lower blood level of Vitamin D because their ability to make vitamin D in their skin decreases by 80% compared to younger people and they spend more time indoors out of the sun as they get sicker.

showing that dementia can be prevented if blood level of Vita D is above 100ng/ml

These questions must be asked.

What would the association have been if the 1,655 people had HEALTHY BLOOD LEVELS of vitamin D for most of their lives with all their genes functioning in a healthy manner rather than a starved and sickly manner?

What will happen if dementia patients have their blood level raised to the healthy range? If their Vitamin D is increased to my Healthy Range will the amyloid plaques and the tangles dissolve and disappear in the 171 and other people?

These questions need research because of the very high cost of dementia and the VERY low cost of vitamin D as a possible 35¢ per day.

How much Vitamin D should you ingest?