These are charts from the Dose-Response video

Nature's wisdom and nature's processes are MUCH stronger than man's cleverness. These charts are from the video by Cedric Garland and present blood levels of Vitamin D versus cancer incidence. These charts show cancer reduced by 50% leaving the other 1/2 of people to suffer from cancer. These charts do NOT tell you the dose of Vitamin D to ingest to get a healthy blood level of Vitamin D. Guidance is given at the bottom of this webpage.

In the 1950s cholesterol was unknow to the public. In the 1960 high blood levels of cholesterol were connected to heart attacks. Cholesterol is now one of the most common topics in doctors' offices. It is my goal to get Healthy Blood Levels of Vitamin D discussed in doctors' offices as often as cholesterol and statins because Vitamin D is more important for you general health.

I understand from these charts that the bottom end of the Healthy Blood Levels of Vitamin D begins is 100ng/ml (=nano-grams per milli-liter). (If your blood levels are measure in nMol/L, then multiply that number by .4 to ng/mL.) On these three charts, I have added the red words "Double this number..." which will show you where the incidence of different cancers goes to zero.

This chart indicates that colorectal cancer can be prevented when blood level of vitamin D is above 46 ng/ml which is double the level shown in this chart.

showning that colorectal caner can by prevented/cured if blood levels are above 46ng/ml.

This chart indicates that ovarian cancers can be prevented when blood level of Vitamin D is above 60 ng/ml which is double the level shown in this chart..

showing that ovarian cancer can be prevented/cured if blood level is above 60ng/ml.

This chart below indicates that of breast cancer can be prevented when blood level of Vitamin D is above 104ng/ml which is double the level show in the chart. Breast cancer was labeled in the video as the most difficult cancer. This is the chart that I used to establish Healthy Blood Levels. Even men get breast cancer. It was labeled as most difficult because most people are very vitamin D deficient. Survival rates are also associated with higher levels of Vitamin D. Our Vitamin D levels usually fall during illness because we are mostly indoors where we cannot make Vitamin D in our skin from the sun.

showing that breast cancer can be prevented/cured if blood level is above 104ng/ml

I have picked 100ng/ml as the bottom end of Healthy Blood Levels because of the chart above AND because 100-200ng/ml is easy to remember. Nobody will be at the boundary when they see the chart below. The chart below will move people towards the middle range of Healthy. If other evidence arises, I will raise the bottom end of the Healthy Range. Healthy blood levels will prevent/stop most cancers and other diseases and lead to healthy living if you avoid dangerous habits like smoking or drinking excess alcohol. Higher levels of Vitamin D greatly improve survival rates from cancer and shorten recovery time after medical invention.

showing the cancer can be prevented/cured when blood levels are above 104ng/ml

Above is my chart which plots and extends the above scientific charts. The 50% line matches the above scientific charts. Many people in the US and the developed world have blood levels around 20ng/ml as shown by the red rectangle in the chart below and are a great risk of cancer and other modern diseases.

Nature's wisdom and nature's processes are MUCH stronger than man's cleverness. I am a member of Kaiser Permanente. Practitioners (doctors and nurses) will slowly adopt this standard 8-10 years after scientists make their research known. I am NOT waiting for my medical practitioners to understand current research science and advocate based on implications of this science. For example, Kaiser Permanente about 2008 recommended 40-60ng/ml as a safe range for blood levels of vitamin D which was in dangerous agreement with these video because 1/2 the population which follows the recommendation are at great risk of cancer. More recently, Kaiser changed their recommendation from 40-60ng/ml to more dangerous 30-100ng/ml. They probably got too many questions from members about their narrow range AND they did not understand the importance of Vitamin D in health. This dangerous change shows the lack of understanding. If they had changed their recommendation to 60-100ng/ml, I would have understood that they were on the right track and that they understood the importance of vitamin D. But dropping their recommendation to 30ng/ml will give their members a false sense of safety and shows a lack of understanding. The science in the above charts shows that most of those people between 30-40ng/ml are at great risk of developing cancer. All practitioners are subject to "group think" which puts their patients/members at great risk of cancer and other modern diseases until the "group think" moves to facts and conclusions of current science. They are covered by mal-practice insurance as long as "group think" is the legal standard.

If these videos are convincing, then how much Vitamin D should you ingest? Based on my own experience, 200 IU of Vitamin D per pound on body weight each day will be good starting point to get blood level above 100ng/ml or 1,400 IU per pound per week. If you have cancer or another modern disease, you should aim higher nearer 200ng/ml, maybe 300ng/ml per pound of body weight.

Body weight is important because every cell your body has receptors for Vitamin D. That is how important Vitamin D is to your health. You either feed each cell with enough Vitamin D or suffer from modern illness. To see a partial list of modern illness, click here.

Start at your computed level for a few months. Then get tested and adjust your intake of Vitamin D. Every cell your body has receptors for Vitamin D. Vitamin D is fat-souble. It is not like Vitamin C where your body expells excess Vitamin C from your body thru urine each day. So, you can take it once per week or several times per week. You do NOT need to take Vitamin D every day.

You also need to take calcium between 1,000-2,000 IU per day especially if you have cancer.

Toxicity begins around 400ng/ml. It is very, VERY difficult to get your blood level that high. It is easy to reverse this very mild form of toxicity over a month or two by stop ingesting Vitamin D and stay out of the sun.

You will need to buy 50,000 IU of vitamin D per pill. High doses may be purchased at the link below. This company submits all their pills to FDA so that we can be confident that what is written on the bottle is in the bottle.