These are the chart from the DINOMIT video which you can watch by clicking on the link to the left. It is about 15 minutes long.

98% of all cancers begin in our epithelium cells. This complete model of cancer growth (DINOMOIT) shown below tells how epithelium cancers can be prevented and cured with Healthy Blood Levels of Vitamin D. DINOMIT is identified here.

Nature's wisdom and nature's processes are MUCH stronger than man's cleverness. Science is currently investigating over 2,000 genes that affected by Vitamin D.

showing genes that are affected by Vitamin D

To compute what the gene activity is under vitamin D deficiency in the chart below, form a faction of these numbers. For example, E-cadherin below is up-regulated be a factor of 12. That means that is down regulated to only 1/12 of healthy level.

Illustration of DINOMIT is shown below.

Cytoskeleton/adhesion are processes that bind cells together and stop cancers thru contact adhesion and are part of DINOMIT.

Apoptosis is progammed cell sucide which confers advantages during our life-cycle. Fifty billion cells and created and die in normal growth each day in each person. When DNA is corrupted, the cellular mechanism causes cell suicide to prevent cancer. Insufficient apoptosis occurs in cancer. Vitamin D upregulates healthy apoptosis of UNHEALTHY CANCEROUS cells many times and thru many paths. Note the right column where the Preventive or Therapuetic Actions of Vitamin D is listed below and are part of DINOMIT.

showing phases of vitamin D

Note the right column where the preventive or therapuetic Actions of Vitamin D is listed and are part of DINOMIT. This chart shows that even cancer that have metastasized can be controlled with adequate blood level of Vitamin D.

Involution and transistion of cancer shown if adequate levels of vitamin D are in your blood and are part of DINOMIT. This chart shows levels of 40-60 ng/ml because they are conservative scientist and have taken this range from primitive people who wear few clothers and spent most of the day in the sun. We know more and live longer than primitive people. If Involutions is maintained, then cancerour cells will eventually be replaced with healthy cells. This has been observed in Scandinavian countries.